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Michelle began her career as a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist & focused her skills on developing functional communication systems for individuals who use non-traditional communication methods. Her expertise is in supporting individuals who experience autism, developmental and intellectual disabilities & those with neurogenic disorders. Michelle has been integral in supporting individuals to transition to the community from institutions & hospital settings by facilitating person centered plans, securing service providers & assisting families within the transition process. Michelle believes that all individuals who experience disability have a right pursue their hopes, dreams and visions, to communicate & be heard & to be contributing & valued members of their communities.



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Katie joined SUN after leading the Developmental Disability Program at the Georgia Advocacy Office, Georgia’s protection & advocacy agency.  Katie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with her background in advocacy for those individuals who are marginalized. Katie focuses deeply on who people are, where people are coming from & what is needed to help get them where they want to be. She teaches Social Role Valorization & uses these principles to enhance her work of supporting people with disabilities to acquire & maintain valued social roles. Katie has spent her career supporting children & adults with developmental disabilities to be integrated & included in their communities.​ 



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Gabby joined SUN in 2021 after serving as the Grants & Contracts Coordinator at the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities. As a trained Graphic Recorder & Facilitator, Gabby uses visuals to help folks discover what more is possible. She enthusiastically believes that every single person has the capacity to be creative & will be there to help them tap into it! Gabby remains committed to using art to support spaces of connection, collaboration & belonging where every person’s gifts are celebrated.