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supporting self-advocacy

SUN provides formal structure and support to Uniting for Change - a statewide, grassroots network of self-advocates, allies (people without disabilities) and supporters in Georgia. 

Uniting for Change was founded in 2019 through the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Expanding Self - Advocacy Grant and is led by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who speak up about what is important, make choices that matter and pursue their dreams. 

We support self-advocates to lead and work together to facilitate educational opportunities that help others to understand what self-advocacy means and how to better support self-advocates to have more autonomy, valued roles and opportunities to contribute and be included. This network is committed to advocating, organizing, showing up and being heard.

Uniting for Change created a short video that highlights the role of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in the lives of people with disabilities. People with disabilities rely on quality support to have access to the good things in life, like employment opportunities, meaningful relationships, quality health care, and true belonging in our communities. Uniting for Change advocates with and on behalf of DSPs across Georgia for a pay increase that matches the invaluable service they provide.

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