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About Sun

Sangha Unity Network, Inc. (SUN) is a person-centered nonprofit organization whose focus is to assist in creating opportunities for people with disabilities and their supporters in communities by building collective knowledge, skills and contribution. 

We do this by facilitating opportunities to learn and connect, building capacity, assisting in developing organizational change frameworks, and looking towards what more that communities and people have to offer. Through providing strength-based workshops, mentoring people with disabilities, their allies, and a diversity of community organizations, and building community assets, SUN believes that lives of value and inclusion are possible for all people. 

We Believe...

  • To build social networks, people need to be linked to each other rather than only linked to systems and institutions.

  • To empower individual growth, opportunities for contributions must be created.

  • To create community capacity, community stakeholders must be provided new ideas.

  • To empower individuals to connect with their communities, they must first be empowered to identify their own hopes, dreams and vision.


Sangha Unity Network is honored to work alongside a variety of agencies and organizations who share our vision of and commitment to creating opportunities for people who are marginalized to be seen as contributing valued citizens within their communities. 

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