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Michelle Schwartz - Executive Director

Michelle began her career as a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and focused her skills on developing functional communication systems for individuals who use non-traditional communication methods. Her expertise is in supporting individuals who experience autism, developmental and intellectual disabilities and those with neurogenic disorders. Michelle has been integral in supporting individuals to transition to the community from institutions and hospital settings by facilitating person centered plans, securing service providers and assisting families within the transition process. Michelle believes that all individuals who experience disability have a right to pursue their hopes, dreams and visions, to communicate and be heard and to be contributing and valued members of their communities.

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Katie Chandler - Program Director

Katie Chandler joined SUN after leading the Developmental Disability Program at the Georgia Advocacy Office, Georgia’s protection and advocacy agency. Katie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with her background in advocacy for those individuals who are marginalized. Katie focuses deeply on who people are, where people are coming from and what is needed to help get them where they want to be. She teaches Social Role Valorization and uses these principles to enhance her work of supporting people with disabilities to acquire and maintain valued social roles. Katie has spent her career supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities to be integrated & included in their communities.​ 

Gabby Headshot

Gabby Melnick - Program Manager

Gabby Melnick joined SUN after serving as the Grants and Contracts Coordinator at the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities. Gabby is a trained graphic recorder and illustrator and uses visuals to help others realize their dreams, discover what more is possible and build relationships. She enthusiastically believes in everyone's capacity to be creative and is most passionate about supporting folks to find and tap into it. Gabby remains committed to using art to support spaces of connection, collaboration and belonging where every person’s gifts are recognized and celebrated. In her free time, you'll find Gabby doodling, singing show tunes and searching for the perfect polka dot dress. 


Sunil Jayanna - Special Projects Director

Sunil Jayanna works with Sangha Unity Network and Uniting for Change to help expand the self-advocacy network across Georgia. He has a long history of supporting self-advocates to be heard, respected and valued.  Sunil is a technology enthusiast and offers technical support to advocates, allies, supporters, and organizations. He is passionate about helping people to strengthen their core gifts and skills. He lives in Stone Mountain with his wife, two teenagers, a large dog and 2 cats. He enjoys drawing, performing comedy/magic in front of large audiences, all things Maryland Terrapins, and creating excel spreadsheets to make complex data more manageable.

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