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Our purpose is to provide supports for individuals, community providers, businesses and service systems to discover, create, revise, promote and mobilize their community building work. 
The mission of Sangha Unity Network (SUN) is to provide opportunities to empower and enhance the lives of people who are marginalized.
We envision communities where all people are valued for their contributions, gifts, and capacities, and where people are connected, included, and living a life with autonomy and choice.
Sangha Unity Network stands with all people of color and First Nations. We stand with those who are marginalized because of their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic status, or challenges with physical, cognitive or emotional ability. We believe in equality and equity. We believe in action and resilience. We believe in transformation and reformation. We believe in making the invisible visible. We believe in love and hope and will do our part in making our work more welcoming and a place where each person’s contribution is valued; where each person is seen, heard and where we learn from the injustices and experiences of one another. 
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