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Learning Journey

Re-Imagining Waiver Supports

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Sangha Unity Network, Inc. (SUN), with funding from The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, is launching a Learning Journey led by Michelle Schwartz, M.Ed. CCC-Sp, and Katie Chandler, LCSW. 


This Learning Journey is designed for provider agencies who seek to further commit to a foundation of supporting self-advocates and person-centered practices. It is a 6-month commitment that offers an opportunity for personal growth for each individual participant and collective discovery for provider organizations.


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The Power of Communication

  • This full-day interactive, virtual workshop provides participants with a basic understanding of the underlying functions and uses of communication.

  • Participants enhance their knowledge of how to listen and understand with intent and use a variety of methodologies to enhance communication efforts of both the listener and the speaker.

  • Additionally, participants learn a basic understanding of augmentative alternative communication techniques and will leave with basic communication boards. 

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The Power of People

  • This full-day interactive workshop is designed to provide participants with the concepts associated with the Five Valued Accomplishments and Wheelpower, tools that greatly enhance our awareness and presence within our communities and relationships.

The Power of Communication 2:Expanding the Way We Think About Communication

  • We focus on listening with intent and using nonviolent communication techniques to increase relationships and opportunities for people we support.​

  • Participants learn how to create and use social stories as a way to support people to be more involved in valued ways in their communities. We will provide resources for supporters to enhance communication interactions and how to access a variety of communication apps. 

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The Power of People 2:

Autonomy, Connections & Contribution

  • This interactive virtual workshop explores how we support people with disabilities to be heard and respected, to belong, and to contribute.

  • We engage in dialogue and activities that teach participants to assist people in moving towards full, meaningful, inclusive lives within their community.